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Another Day, Another New Yorker’s Dim View of L.A.

The VQR has a new issue out dedicated to classic Hollywood. I haven't made it all the way through yet -- the first thing I clicked was an essay called "Leaving Los Angeles". It's a fast, fairly entertaining read, but I have to say I was disappointed … [Continue reading]

An Ode to the Big Guys

"All I Want for Christmas is You", the cute version How adorable is this video? Entertainment doesn't get any more wholesome and delightful than this. The pop up kids, the children's instruments, the look of joy on everyone's face. I love it. I … [Continue reading]

The Decision Chronicles: LA vs ATL Redux

A picture of an art installation along the Beltline, an ambitious new urban development project happening in Atlanta.

"In the process of becoming what you want to be, you realize who you are. We had to move to Columbus, Ohio, in order to discover our identity as a press." I really liked this essay on The Millions about finding your voice as an artist by leaving … [Continue reading]

L.A. Doesn’t Suck (Completely)

I'm always happy to hear people say nice things about L.A. Perhaps I'm defensive, it's true, but I think this city gets entirely too much shit that it doesn't necessarily deserve. So it's nice to read a complimentary interview with a literary … [Continue reading]

Everything is (x6) Cool

I just needed to say how my love for Bradford Cox of Deerhunter has gotten even deeper on account of him covering my favorite Pylon song. Here's the original: And here's the … [Continue reading]

Every Thing is its Own Reward

"There is no judgment other than your community, the era you live, your conscience. When you're gone, you're gone. If you leave something behind to help others, then good, but if you're never able to get it together, then that's how it goes. It … [Continue reading]

Shamelessly crib this anti-SOPA letter, and send it to your congressional reps

My friend wrote a nuanced letter to his congressional rep opposing the SOPA bill, and I'm sharing it with you all so you can send something similar to yours, or to just copy it outright. It's good.Enjoy. (And in case you need it, here's how to find … [Continue reading]

Ring Ring: Guess What, Your Day is F*cked!

I was having a normal Tuesday morning a couple of weeks ago -- at my desk, drinking coffee, replying to work emails, about to start working on some client-related something or other -- when I got a phone call from my sister. She had called once that … [Continue reading]

Of Drafts and Manicures and Sanity

I went to a party with a lot of writers the other night. We talked about writing, and how many drafts it takes to get to something that is finished and maybe, hopefully ready to be published. The general consensus: so fucking many. The piece … [Continue reading]